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D.O.- great stability and good at harmonizing, but lacks feeling. D.O is among the better vocalists in the group Y’all sorry about Mitch McConnell love Kentucky shirt, but he lacks emotion when he sings. I have never, even once gotten chills from him and I’d like to see him come back with that when he returns. You guys need to eat. I know there’s pressure for you all to be thin, but your abilities to endure performances go down when it’s obvious you all are dieting way too hard. Also, there’s no reason you all should not be writing your own music. In the Vancouver area, the housing market is quieter than it was a couple of years ago, and prices have come down a bit on the highest-priced homes. However, lower priced home prices have held pretty firm for the past two years. I would not describe even the Vancouver market as a “bubble”.

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Real Estate prices in the Vancouver area are driven by incremental demand from immigrants, the fairly restricted supply of land available for building housing units, taxes, and fees charged by every level of government, the extreme attractiveness of the area, and low mortgage rates. I put mortgage rates in bold text because this is the factor that is most likely to change and also the factor that will make the greatest difference in housing prices if and when rates go up. If interest rates increase by more than a percentage point, it will have a profoundly negative effect on housing prices, especially in Vancouver and Toronto, where homes are the least affordable right now. Keep in mind that, with mortgage rates so low (3%ish), a 1% increase in rates will yield a 30% increase in payments. For people that are buying the most house they can afford, this would be very difficult. A 2% increase in rates would be a disaster for many new home buyers and would result in a drastic reduction in selling prices. A 2% increase in interest rates is not even hard to imagine. Over the past two generations, the average mortgage rate in Canada has been about 6%. Current rates are way below average.

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