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So, for me this concept is like a Bollywood star giving back to back hits, getting a lot of attention, fame, fan-base, etc. Therefore, he keeps getting unwanted attention every time, every where but all of a sudden, his competitor comes in the picture and all the attention gradually starts shifting to the other person. Now, understand this. You don’t hate the person or something, it is just that you admire the other one more than the previous one and therefore the actor’s rank goes down. Isn’t it? Now you have someone else to look upon and at the same time you also see the previous actor who gave back to back hit. No-one is good or bad for you. You have just changed your priorities over them. Like wise, There were many games that came in the market, many of them played it for the longest time. players also have it installed in the phone/PC in-spite of the game getting old but the choice of tasting new good staff never dies.

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With liberty and justice for all sweatshirt

Well as a gamer’s prospective i would say i love the game. The whole panoramic scenario followed by stunning visuals is simple awesome. i am not surprised that it is gaining more and more popularity among-st every age group. For starters there are the ones who loves it and there are the ones who complains a lot about it and which i face every day hence i decided to correct few of them as i face them every now and then to my best ability.

Though for starters as more and more gamers are being drawn into the game the servers are being forced to handle larger loads(e.g. ASIA) and having higher ping rates but well we can expect that to be resolved some time sooner. Though the game is still in the early stages are constantly rolling out updates for the PC version as well as the mobile version. Now comes the cheaters so called in game HACKERS. Well one thing we all do agree on that every game has few people who likes to get the extra edge on other fellow games via using cheats and i would say so what!! Not only PUBG but in every single game they have their existence and likes to troll or have fun without investing the time or effort it takes to get to that level. So i would say bare with it as they are being removed with upgrading patches and becoming hard for them to exploit the games so and so.

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