Wash Your Hands Germs Are Baaaaaad Shirt

Blacks have no excuses. Please pardon my tone. I am not looking for a fight, only understanding. your words offer the Wash Your Hands Germs Are Baaaaaad Shirt perception of what is currently being described as a “Karen.” Whenever you want to get off my perceived pedestal and truly communicate, then we will exchange. However, this text was totally unacceptable. My people have paid their debts to this society. Personally, know I have. My people are neither asking for nor seeking handouts. We want equitable and fair treatment in ALL respects of life! We are still working thru the mistreatments of the country from yesteryear.

Wash Your Hands Germs Are Baaaaaad Shirt

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Spoon And Crock Pot Club Killing Tomorrow’s Trophy Shirt

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