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For those who haven’t actually read the article, it says that Canada will prevent mass exports of some prescription meds. As someone who has had to deal with medication shortages over the past few years, I’m quite happy that Trudeau is protecting our own supplies before sharing them with other countries. This isn’t a sustainable solution to the US problem. We need to get prices under control in our own supply system. The solution to the high cost of drugs in the U.S. is simple. Under current law, the Secretary of HHS is prohibited from negotiating lower drug prices on behalf of Medicare Part D beneficiaries. This is called the “non-interference clause.” Repeal that law, and government can negotiate lower drug prices, just like Canada does. Importing from Canada is not a large volume solution. When the orange dumpster fire and his very smart group of people announced the Canadian low-cost drugs plan, something tells me that they failed to notify Canada. Sort of like the promise that Mexico will pay for the wall thing. So literally the only thing trump says he did for healthcare while in the office is basically useless. Par for the course. It’s a wake-up call for us to do our own housecleaning and not just put our problems on someone else. Why exactly are our drugs so expensive? Because we have a system that allows for it. We need to look at that. Perhaps America should actually try taking care of their own instead of trying to piggyback on another country’s socialized medicine.

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Uss clifton sprague nunc paratus she will live forever in our hearts shirt

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