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But for my ladies, it seemed like once the The Beach Boys Rainbow Shirt and by the same token and clock struck midnight on their 49th birthday, they entered a new era of not caring. A quick scroll through Instagram showcases videos of Padma Lakshmi and Martha Stewart cooking and celebrating with family, laughing off the rude comments that demand they put on a bra and posting viral pool selfies wearing the most perfect eyeshadow. They’re truly living a life I admire. Most importantly, during this incredibly anxious period, they, more than anyone else, appear to be… fine. Martha Beck, who’s written books on finding purpose and serves as Oprah’s life coach (screaming), says we gravitate toward these older women because they used their life experience to evolve and become better humans in the world. Beck makes the distinction between getting older and being over 50 and actually becoming an elder, which implies growth and experience earned over time. I have a friend and he explains that the elders of Native American tribes are the ones people go to for wisdom,” Beck says. “He says in our culture, a lot of people don’t become elders, they just become olders. In dealing with clients, I’ve seen that some people don’t outgrow their youthful problems and they don’t get happier. They actually get less happy.

The Beach Boys Rainbow Shirt

You can’t stumble into your wisdom by simply existing. Rather, the The Beach Boys Rainbow Shirt and by the same token and elders and women I admire have worked for this distinction. “They had the opportunity to say, everyone’s terminal on this bus, and this is a big adventure, so I might as well take it,” Beck says. “They have chosen that story and you can feel it in their freedom and their vibrancy. Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, just an energy machine to the end: She chose and chose and chose to see the world as a positive place. It’s very simple. Around an older, you feel bad. Around an elder, you feel good. Even Gen Z, who will inherit an even worse planet in the coming decades, is looking to wisdom of the elders. “I feel like I relate more to Ina Garten than I do Addison Rae,” explains Bianca Garcia, a 22-year old social media editor at Glossier. “They are so wise and have been through life and thrived,” she says, echoing Beck. “Most of them are thriving in industries that have had an age limit for women. Being an actress, you are 30 and you’re done, but for them, they just said no.

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