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Once I got into it with a guy. Right before I actually started fighting someone in the group I was with thrust a small shank in my hand. Without thinking I used it.Suddenly someone pushes me to the side and grabs the shank and tells me to get the out of there. I just stand there he yells at the others. Get him out of here!” as he is stabbing the shit out of the guy.. The pulled me away and had me wash up at one of the many water areas outside. I was confused and asked what was going on. I was just told to shut up and not say anything. It seemed like an eternity before I saw the guy who took the shank from me. .He stares at me a long time then says”You have a chance of going home I do not. I respect you for what you did, but that was not right of – – – to put that shank in your hand. So I basically let someone take the fall for me.

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We rented one cop for security, and the best indicator of the trenchcoat gang was when our cop went on break. I was 15, so I asked why he always hid. He said he didn’t mind confronting thieves, but confronting thieves on the payroll of the police department and the local kingpin accomplished nothing but suicide.I have thought hard about this question. There are many things that I have done that people who have never been to prison may say is inappropriate but trust me ,I feel they were justified because in most cases I was defending myself. Here is what I will do. I will give two examples and you tell me which is more inappropriate.

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