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Like many health care workers, Villavicencio is feeling the Tinkerbell Drinker Bell Diamond shirt strain COVID-19 has put on our health care system. But as a doctor who also provides abortions, she’s also facing another particularly inhumane challenge: an onslaught of attacks from GOP politicians who are attempting to use a global pandemic to ban abortion care and impede her and her fellow providers’ ability to treat patients. Currently, Republican governors and attorneys general in Ohio, Mississippi, Texas, Iowa, Alabama, and Oklahoma are attempting to halt abortion services, claiming doing so will free up necessary personal protective equipment and hospital beds. Many have cast doubt on this argument. Texas attorney general Ken Paxton issued a temporary ban on any abortion in the state not medically necessary to save a mother’s life or health—a draconian move quickly challenged in court. A federal judge halted the ban, then, less than 24 hours later, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated it.

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