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Indeed, it’s hard to believe the I’m not lazy I’m on energy saving mode shirt but in fact I love this Feminist Coalition wasn’t created for this moment and this movement. It’s even harder to believe it started planning for the demonstrations within days and was able to fund arguably the biggest and most organized protest in Nigeria in recent memory while remaining accountable and transparent with every kobo (the smallest denomination of Naira) it spent. ‘‘Believe it or not, all this was organized over a one-hour phone call,’’ Ire Aderinokun, Nigeria’s first female Google developer expert and a founding member of the Feminist Coalition, told ‘‘We’ve regularly had monthly meetings since our inception, but we had not started on any projects yet. When we saw what was happening, we quickly decided we would take this on as our first project. We wanted to play our part and everyone was in agreement and very quickly stepped up. We joke that this was a baptism by fire. We designed a logo, set up the website, got some copy assets together, set up our social media, set up the donation accounts, the request forms, the tracking sheets; Feminist Coalition as it’s known today was literally a reality overnight. This was only possible because every founding member is at the top of her game. We handled it the same way we handle our professional work, and brought the same amount of focus and dedication to the table.’’

I'm not lazy I'm on energy saving mode shirt

This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the I’m not lazy I’m on energy saving mode shirt but in fact I love this same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. As historic as this is, it’s not the first time Nigerian women have been at the forefront of movements like this. The women of Nigeria have been leading, organizing, and maintaining the momentum of movements since colonial Nigeria. Recent movements like the fight to return the kidnapped Chibok girls and #ArewaMeToo—a form of the global #MeToo movement which focused on Northern Nigeria and was founded by Fakhus Hashim—are just two recent examples. It’s this history that made writer and communications strategist Oseyi Etomi tweet about the #ENDSARS movement just days before the protests gained significant global momentum. “There’ll be some traction to the #ENDSARS movement when women organize around it,” she wrote. She was right. Women—in particular feminist Nigerian women—organizing around #ENDSARS has been a significant reason the movement and protests have been sustained for as long as they have been, and why they’ve had such a global impact.

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