Massage Therapy 2020 Shirt

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After Wood’s rebellious streak of chill-goth makeup at an all-boys school in Northern Ireland, she studied fashion and textiles before moving into more transformative looks, discovering drag performance as a new creative outlet, and finding inspiration on the internet. It’s really part of the queer millennial experience to find your sense of identity and belonging online, Woods notes. Beauty ideas are often pulled from illustrations of faces, cartoons, and the features painted onto dolls. I’m really inspired by the Massage Therapy 2020 Shirt juxtaposition between authenticity and artifice embodied in dolls and mannequins and automatons, I think that’s a thread that runs through most of the things I’m drawn to, says Wood. Not only the makeup, but also the way I dress is to kind of self-infantilize, she shares. I think I’m uncomfortable with the sexualization of my body because to be sexual is to be gendered. The desexualized babydoll is born out of that. Her personal soundtrack of happy, hardcore techno remixes of Enya, Sinéad O’Connor, or Sarah McLachlan speaks to another facet of her aesthetic, a postmodern parody of itself.

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