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Why can’t they allow them to grow and ship them to the poor countries and those in need of food. Why can’t they export them to countries in need of chicks instead of grinding or gassing them. Barbaric practice world wide, no consideration to the chicks as they are just seen as a disposable Living my best afterlife shirt. Those people need to be put on a watch list since they have no respect for life. Tomorrow, Jews Who can work in a place that would do this barbaric practice of grinding, why couldn’t they at least say it had to be via humane methods only.

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They needed to create an aryan chick race, and kill off the unwanted ones that would ruin the gene pool. Tom Whittingham germans already got some experience doing this Living my best afterlife shirt they do make good cars though Becky Rascal ask Brian can you rescue them AND IN THE HIDDEN NEWS.

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We care more about these dumb chicks then the HUMAN babies that are being killed by abortion. Why not send to countries who can feed the impoverished I seem to recall something else about Germans thinking mass killing of sentient beings was OK. So many people having a dig at Living my best afterlife shirt over this, when they were the ones who actually tried to ban it.

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The US has been mass killing babies for decades and these folks think it a right. If they kept all the Male chicks there would be no room all the females we need for meat and eggs. Theresa Mcdermott even the ones reporting it are of the opinion that this be stopped but it is the very Living my best afterlife shirt who supports and encourages abortion.


And ordering 5 piano coladas just to annoy the barman despite being highly allergic fantastic times mate. Hoping there is a reunion on the cards at some stage in the not so distant future. The practice will only stop when people stop eating eggs I think Marlene Living my best afterlife shirt There’s lots of types of dry pasta that don’t use eggs.


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