Joe Biden’s fly swatter vote shirt

But a Prada show is never one-note. The stated reason for this Shanghai show was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Milan being named a sister city of the Chinese cosmopolis. The reality is that business in China is booming. Over two days of touring the city’s hubs, it was impossible to miss a Prada store or billboard. In reviving its Linea Rossa business, the company has struck gold with a younger, more streetwear-inclined consumer. Perhaps that’s what gave birth to a series of prints of antiquated technology. A roll of film here, a cassette tape there, a ‘50s soda-pop joint milkshake later on all of these pieces appeared as a single graphic or as a grid of many on trendy nylon. As the models walked past an audience clad in last season’s Frankenstein-patterned pieces, you could see the commercial appeal. To be sinister, or sales-minded, though, is not the larger message. Zoom all the way out like, decades of menswear out and this collection could read as a pivotal moment for Prada. For a long time, its menswear shows were about medium-rise straight pant, a button-up polo shirt, and a loose anorak. Where did it go? I look around me quickly, pretty sure I look like a witch at the moment with my crazy mess of a hair. And I spotted it, laying there on the ground underneath the shoes of the merciless, hungry girls. I rushed to take it and looked at it to see that it’s covered with shoe marks all over. I may have survived the battle but it didn’t.. But given the mess that my hair was

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