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Leave it to a woman to take a beating for a Earth Day Think Green shirt THE ONLY PEOPLE that watch this news channels are the ones that are idiots that hate America and want to destroy our country. You can’t leave the pet in an abusive relationship, they may be severely hurt.

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Hill, Last time I saw a face like yours it had a hook in it. If not, I apologize for the assumption, but it doesn’t change anything I said. If you live in the US or ate a Earth Day Think Green shirt, then trump is indeed your president.

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I was just trying to help the folks who don’t follow the political page. Carry and there is me, who really doesn’t care what your president does, because he’s not my president and cat stories are more interesting. Just in case you ate interested, the Dem suit to stop trump from using DOD funds to build the wall was dismissed. The Earth Day Think Green shirts are already being reported and the state department has issued a statement. Other than stopping drugs and child trafficking and 100000 illegal crossings a month, you are correction’t hold your breath on that one. Nothing is going to change people are still going to try to get into our country he just wants to pump his pathetic ego.

Earth Day Think Green shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve


Maybe now you can find the time to report that trump won In MexIco. I wish I can do something like this but I he no Infrastructure or support.Sometimes the animals give more love than the Earth Day Think Green shirt themselves Great story. I’m sure you before I left, I made sure I didn’t do anything to potentially make him retaliate against my cats before I could get them out.


Raymond wells since you typed in all Earth Day Think Green shirts I guess we can forget that people have allergies. Frequently the women can’t leave the pet behind because abuser will harm the pet or get rid of it. You rarely can find a place that would accept you with your pet(s) even if you have children, so she welcomes all pets that came with them.


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