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Hepburn’s ascent to Hollywood stardom was a quick one: It took her only one major movie, Roman Holiday, to win an Oscar. Yet Audrey puts surprisingly little emphasis on Hepburn’s filmography or her role in popular culture. Though she was neither provocative nor cutting edge, her look was unlike anything the world had ever seen: She was a girlish sophisticate both delicate and distinct; an aristocratic girl-next-door. Michael Avedon (grandson of photographer Richard, who famously captured Hepburn’s unending charms with his camera) is on hand to try to communicate just what made the actress so beguiling, as is former Givenchy creative director Clare Waight Keller, who speaks of Hepburn’s relationship with the fashion house. But the film focuses more on the star’s life beyond the camera. Unlike the other Hepburn (Audrey tells the tale of Hubert de Givenchy expecting Katharine to show up when he met Audrey for the first time), whose career lasted six decades, Audrey Hepburn appeared in fewer than 30 films over forty years.

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