You can’t scare me I have two daughters and I was quarantined shirt

According to the story she was supposed to have hosted the hunting party, and then terrorized the help when the blankets were the wrong color. In one story she hosted the party, in another she forbids Harry from hunting, in another Harry goes hunting, in one story in Germany and in another at his grandmothers estate. I can’t imagine how she could host a hunt in England before her wedding as she had no estate there. She’s not a hunter, and that, I think, had some people angry at her.

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Lady C claims the comment had nothing to do with skin colour. According to her sources, Anne raised questions about Meghan’s character and personality. She said Meghan wasn’t a good fit for the royal family because she was not interested in adapting to British culture or learning about it. She said that Meghan’s attitude of “I know better than you do” would cause trouble for the family, including any children Harry and Meghan might have. Harry repeated the comment to Meghan, who said it was because of racism. I believe Princess Anne is capable of speaking her mind and saying things that others don’t want to hear, and she is capable of insulting Meghan by saying she has questionable character. That might have been rude, but I don’t think that makes Anne a racist. I don’t believe anyone mentioned the baby’s skin colour. I do believe there were negative remarks or questions raised about Meghan’s suitability, but the concerns were not about her colour.


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