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Aging is traumatic for a narcissist and I’m speaking from my experience living with a covert narcissist for 36 years. Living a double life allowed him to gain experience in selecting supplies. He had the victim narrative down. Yet, his needs changed to wanting someone to support him financially. My husband’s mother is a narcissist. And I mean a Class A, top-of-the-line, full-blown, out in the open, narcissist. She cares about nobody but herself and is only nice to people when it serves her purpose.


We shut her out of our lives in 2017 and a couple of his cousins called us and berated us for not talking to her until my husband set them straight about her behavior, everybody else knew why we cut her off and applauded us secretly. She thinks she’s smarter than everybody else, doesn’t listen to anything anybody else has to say, and treat you like dirt if you don’t automatically jump and do her bidding. She has slowly but surely, alienated everyone in her life. Last I heard, only two people would speak with her, and that was her sister, and one of her nieces. The sister passed away a few days ago, and the niece called my husband and told him he needed to call his mother because she was sad, my husband laughed at her and hung up the phone.

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