Bernie Sanders mittens Chairman Sander shirt

There were cool, raver-Esque harness tops and ring-detailed slip dresses, along with Li and Qu’s usual streetwear tees. They’ve titled their collection “Family Dinner,” and the idea was to highlight the often emotionally intense experience of an Asian-American family gathering around food. More forward-thinking youth will sometimes clash with the elders who are tied to their generational, conservative ideologies. The portraits of the families are meant to showcase just how varied Asian-American families can be: They can have older kids, both the mother and father can work, or two Asian men can get married and start their own family together. That last example is of great importance to Li and Qu, as they want to challenge gender bias and LGBTQ discrimination in their own culture, both at home and in America. I admire Catherine re-wearing so many beautiful dresses. She even has her children wearing hand-me-downs, which is wonderful and practical, but I love the times when all the men and ladies bring out their finest clothes and have their hair styled and royalty exudes a brilliance that Hollywood cannot recreate. Those State dinners are full of glitz and glam, and watching the royals wear their sashes and special pins, which are full of meaning, is otherworldly, almost. Nothing compares.

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